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Teerling | Drama Texts, Plays & Screenplays

PG du Plessis

The creative imagination in top gear, that's what you get when you subject a top writer to severe restrictions.  For example, write six divergent one-act plays, each of which has a man and a woman, a rat in a cage, and the same set of sound effects.  This is the task P.G. du Plessis set himself.  The result?  Six facets of existence, from the most gross of horrors to pure rapture of the soul, all poignantly dramatized.  

Of course it is a theatrical experiment, but one which focuses the attention on the elementary building blocks of the drama: powerful dialog, true-to-life characterisation and the most enthralling intrigues.

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Teerling | Drama Texts, Plays & Screenplays

Author: PG du Plessis
Category: Drama Texts, Plays & Screenplays
ISBN: 9780624053491
Date Released: 14 December 2011
Price (incl. VAT): R 150.00
Format: Soft cover, 144pp

About this author

PG du Plessis

Pieter Georg (PG) du Plessis was born on 14 July 1934 in Boshof in the Free State. He matriculated at the Hoër Volkskool in Heidelberg. In 1955 he obtained a BA...