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Jamela's Dress | Picture Books

Niki Daly

Vivian Wilkes Award (1999)

Mama is very pleased with the dress material she has bought for Thelma’s wedding. Jamela can’t resist wrapping the material around her, and before she knows it, she is sashaying down the road, proud as a peacock, to show Thelma her beautiful dress! When things go wrong, Mama is very sad indeed, but there’s a happy ending just in time for Thelma’s wedding day - and guess who has the biggest smile - Jamela, that’s who!

This title is also available in Zulu: Ingubo kaJamela.

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Jamela's Dress | Picture Books

Author: Niki Daly
Category: Picture Books
ISBN: 9780624037897
Date Released: 01 December 2001
Price (incl. VAT): R 117.50
Format: Hard cover

About this author

Niki Daly

Niki Daly needs no introduction. Lovers of children's books, art and music have come to know him as one of South Africa's most successful writers and artists....