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Danie Marais

Danie Marais was born in Kimberley on May 30, 1971. He completed school in 1989 at the Menlopark High School and in 1993 he completed a B. Com. Degree with law...


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Tannie Pompie se oorlog: In die driehoek van die dood | History: World & General

Deon Lamprecht

This is a gripping true story about war and its devastating effect on an ordinary family. The Van der Westhuizens from Tsumeb in Southwest Africa lived in the...


Pruimtwak en skaduboksers | Short Stories & Fiction Anthologies

Danie Marais

To make sense of the whole virtual topsy-turvy of the 21st century, one must seek high and low. And that is exactly what the prize-winning poet and journalist,...