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Jannie Mouton: And Then They Fired Me | Management & Business

Carié Maas

“The Boere Buffett” – Moneyweb

One of South Africa’s greatest success stories, Jannie Mouton built his business from scratch after getting fired at age 48. Straight-talking Mouton tells the inside story of how he started PSG, turning it into a triumphant success in only 15 years. Today the companies he is involved in have a market capitalisation of R61 billion.

Known in the industry for being difficult, Mouton nevertheless has a soft heart and a passion for poetry. Outspoken and not scared of controversy, Jannie Mouton has only once managed to sack an employee himself.

• Who is the man behind PSG’s phenomenal success?
• Can he “predict the markets”, as Finweek has suggested?
• What is the story behind the Pioneer Foods cartel saga?
• Why is he unconcerned at the fury of many in the wine industry about his plans for KWV?

In this book, Jannie Mouton spills the beans on what really went on behind the scenes. He talks openly of even the most controversial transactions he has been involved in. With his typical honesty and humour, he freely shares his business and investment advice.

Losing is not a word in Jannie Mouton’s vocabulary.

Ook beskikbaar in Afrikaans as Jannie Mouton En toe fire hulle my.

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Jannie Mouton: And Then They Fired Me | Management & Business

Author: Carié Maas
Category: Management & Business
ISBN: 9780624053019
Date Released: 01 July 2011
Price (incl. VAT): R 300.00
Format: Soft cover, 260pp

About this author

Carié Maas

Carié Maas has years of experience on the production side of financial publications. She has been production editor...