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Annelie Botes

Biographical info

Annelie Botes was born in June 1957 on the farm Grootfontein in the Kammanassie near Uniondale. She was baptised and schooled in Uniondale, and got married there. She attained a teaching licentiate in piano at Unisa in 1986. She has been a music teacher and a church organist among other things. Her first writing was published in Die Brandwag when she was 18. After many years of silence, she picked up writing again in 1994.

More or less 50 of her short stories and novellas have been published in Huisgenoot, Sarie and Rooi Rose. She debuted in 1995 with the novel Trippel Sewe. Later in 1995 Ribbokvoete was published, and in 1997 Klawervier, for which she received the ATKV prize for popular prose, was published by Tafelberg Publishers.

She is well known for her popular Goeie Môre column in Volksblad and Van Alle Kante column in Die Burger. She is also a popular guest speaker.

Did you know?  

· Botes’s novel Raaiselkind was shortlisted for the Book Data/SAPnet’s Booksellers' Choice Award in 2002. This was the first Afrikaans book that reached this short list. This prize is awarded according to the votes of the members of the South African Booksellers Association. Every member votes for the book that he or she enjoyed most to read, promote and sell in the course of the past year.
· Raaiselkind was shortlisted for the ATKV Prize for popular prose in 2002.
· Trippel Sewe, Klawervier and Raaiselkind have been read on RSG.
· Botes took guitar lessons from the writer Dalene Matthee while at school in Uniondale.
· Raaiselkind was adapted for the stage in 2003 and was performed with Marthinus Basson as the director.

 Author bookshelf

Thula-thula, English edition, Tafelberg (2011)
Tabernakel, Tafelberg (2010)
Thula-thula, Tafelberg (2009)
Trousseaukis, Tafelberg (2008, reissue)
Sabbatsreis, Tafelberg (2007)
Broodsonde, Tafelberg (2006)
Raaiselkind, Tafelberg (2001)
Klawervier, Tafelberg (1997, 2004)
Trippel Sewe, Tafelberg (1995, 2007)


ATKV Prize for popular prose (1998) – Klawervier

List of titles

2010 Tabernakel
2009 Thula-thula
2007 Sabbatsreis
2006 Broodsonde
2002 Nawelstring
2001 Raaiselkind
1998 Die Trousseaukis en ander verhale
1997 Klawervier
1995 Ribbokvoete
1995 Trippel Sewe


2011 Thula-thula (English translation of Thula-thula)
2005 Mountain of Lost Dreams (English translation of Klawervier)
2003 Riddle Child (English translation of Raaiselkind)
2003 Raadselkind (Dutch translation of Raaiselkind) – translated by Riet de Jong-Goossens
2002 Berg der verlorenen Träume (German translation of Klawervier)
1999 Klavertje Vier (Dutch translation of Klawervier) – translated by Riet de Jong-Goossens


“Filled with love and beauty, adultery, suicide, disappointment and a path to reconciliation, Mountain of Lost Dreams is a tribute not only to Botes, but to South African fiction.” – Terry Ellen,

Photo: Christine Fourie

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